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Brose Quality Management

Quality down to the detail

We want to offer our customers convincing products and services by focusing on processes, innovation, cost-consciousness and top quality. This also means demanding the absolute highest quality from our partners.

Each year the Brose Group receives numerous national and international quality awards. For us they are both the acknowledgment and motivation we need to continue enhancing our level of performance.

It is part of our corporate culture that our past achievements are not enough. We build on a foundation of openness, transparency and communication – basic premises that are also firmly rooted in our company principles.

Brose Group Quality Principles


Brose Group Quality Principles

Our quality principles are an integral part of our company goals. We aim to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing top quality service.

  • 1. Quality is our top priority.
  • 2. Quality results from the work our employees perform.
  • 3. Quality encompasses our products, processes and collaboration with our partners.
  • 4. Openness and honesty are the foundation our collaboration is built upon.
  • 5. Quality is achieved through design and production – not through testing.
  • 6. Continuous quality improvement means improving our competitiveness.
  • 7. We strive an open failure culture. We learn from failures and avoid them in future.

Striving to continuously improve our performance is the motivation and obligation for all employees of the Brose Group at all locations.