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Integration of electronics and optimized mechanics

Coburg/Hallstadt, 11-04-2000

The window regulators produced by Brose are as innovative as the new Audi A4 itself. The corporate group, market leader for window regulator systems with 15 locations worldwide, has many years' experience of integrating electronics into the mechanical components of the vehicle. Consistent development in the fields of mechanics, electrics and electronics, a high system stability by using programs made up of modular elements as well as constant optimization of product costs are all pre-requisites for the top technological ranking of the automotive supplier.

Intelligent door control unit communicates via a bus-system

For the first time in an Audi A4 the door control unit integrated into the window regulator drive not only controls the anti-trap feature, but also the systems for the door latch, lighting elements, outside mirror including heating and, as an option, the folding feature and switchboard as well. For communication the door control unit is connected via a Can-Bus-system within the electronics of the vehicle. To succeed with this, extensive know-how and experience are necessary at the development stage. As a development supplier Brose can illustrate and simulate the complex behavior of the complete system with suitable tools in the model. Apart from the purely mechanical interface of the door control unit to the motor, the complex behavior of a double-poled ring magnet as well as of the window regulator in all conditions, for example when the voltage drops or when moved to the final position, has to be simulated and implemented in series production. The same applies for the rest of the door functions, for example, controlling the door latch or adjusting the mirror.

Anti-trap protection by means of an RPM speed sensor

In 1986 Brose developed and introduced the first window regulator electronics worldwide, making possible convenience features like express up/down and global closing as well as reducing the risks of limbs being trapped. The window regulator of the Audi A4 has an RPM speed sensor which detects when something has been trapped. The travelling direction of the motor changes and the glass is lowered.

System units made up of modular elements create cost benefits

In an effort to optimize product costs Brose was able to fall back on the modular systems developed for the A3, A6 and A2. These were particularly adapted to the Audi-specific door features. Moreover, there are numerous improvements in the mechanics of the A4 window regulator compared to the previous series. Audi with the new window regulators alone, has been able to reduce weight by more than 2 kilograms per vehicle compared to the series before.

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