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To the top

Sharing and supporting motivation

Success in sport requires talent, a willingness to do your best, ambition, discipline, passion and team spirit. And these are characteristics we identify with wholeheartedly. After all, we want to attract the best performers to our team and get them excited about being a part of our company. Our longstanding commitment to basketball is proof of the close alliance between Brose and the region of Franconia. We help build enthusiasm for this professional sport while enhancing the appeal of our central locations.

Taking it to the top with ambition and endurance

Basketball’s dynamic nature and the intelligent interplay between top athletes makes it a fascinating sport. These characteristics fit well with how we identify ourselves as a company. This is why Brose has sponsored basketball in the Franconian city of Bamberg for around two decades. To help promote our club ambitions even more effectively, we became a main sponsor and a title sponsor in 2006 and took over the naming rights to the Brose Arena in 2013. Our team has won the German Championship title six times over the past ten years, with the last win in 2015. They finished the Euroleague season 2015/2016 with the best result of a German team ever, only closely missing the quarterfinals.

A passion for performance

Michael Stoschek, winner of the 2006 FIA European Historic Rally Championship, continues to play a key role in the success of the Brose Motorsport Team. This passionate racing driver won the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico three times, not to mention rallies in nearly every country in Europe, in Australia and Newfoundland.

The development and construction of the New Stratos, a modern version of the legendary Lancia Stratos HF, helped fulfill one of the Chairman of the Brose Group’s long-held dreams. The latest version of the Lancia Stratos HF raises the bar for today’s supercars and has garnered the highest acclaim along with numerous awards from throughout the industry.

Brose Motorsport Michael Stoschek

Driving flat out on the track to success

As a global automotive supplier, it’s only logical for Brose to be involved in motorsport sponsoring. We have partnered with world-class driver Tiago Monteiro since 2000. Born in 1976, the Portuguese driver has made a name for himself in a number of racing series around the world. He was a Formula 1 driver for two years in 2005/2006 and participated in a number of races before this, including “24 Hours of Le Mans”. He has been a part of the FIA WTCC World Touring Car Championship since 2007 and joined the Honda works team in 2013. In season 2016 Monteiro captures his career-best result in the WTCC with a third place in the overall standings.