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Entered the Chinese market establishing a joint venture in Zhangjiagang

Established the joint venture Shanghai Brose Automotive Components Co., Ltd. with STEC
Became the first just-in-sequence supplier of door systems in China
Synchronized delivery with vehicle assembly at SVW

Brose China Changchun plantHistory 1996to2000

Started production in Brose Changchun Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., the first wholly-owned facility in China of window regulators, door systems, seat adjusters, cooling fan modules and latches for local and international customers

Established Asian Headquarters in Shanghai/Anting

Brose China Changchun factory History 2001to2005

Started production in Brose Wuhan Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. of window regulators, seat and door systems

Established the joint venture Shanghai Brose Electric Motor Co., Ltd. with DFPC
Integrated worldwide drives division from Continental to the plant in Shanghai/Malu with production of electric drives for window regulators, CFM, HVAC, EBS, seat adjusters, drive train actuators

Brose China Wuhan plant History 2006to2009

Started operation in Brose Shanghai Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. of window regulators, seat systems, power steering motors, cooling fan modules, power liftgate

Started operation in Brose Chongqing Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. of window regulators, door and closure systems, seat systems and HVAC blowers

Brose Changchun

Started production in Brose Beijing Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. of door systems, window regulators and seat systems and cooling fan modules

Started production in Brose Taicang Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. of seat rail, window regulators, plastic injection

Separated from Brose Asia into Brose China (headquartered in Shanghai, China) and Brose East Asia (headquartered in Suwon, Korea)

Started operation in Brose Guangzhou Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. of door systems, window regulators, seat systems

Strategically restructured with DFPC
Brose wholly-owned Wuhan plant and Shanghai Brose Electric Motors Co., Ltd. (SBM) Wuhan branch merged into a 50-50 joint venture - Dongfeng Brose Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. SBM became a 100 percent subsidiary

Brose celebrated the tenth anniversary of its first wholly-owned plant in Changchun. As the business frontrunner of the region, the plant produces the company’s entire range of products, from door systems and seat systems to cooling fan modules and closure systems.

Brose laid the foundation stone for its new plant in Taicang. The Group’s largest plant in Asia will manufacture the entire range of products, including door systems, window regulators, latch modules, seat systems, rails, and motors. The facility will operate with vertically integrated technological processes such as laser welding and plastic injection molding, and as such, support the worldwide production network.

This year for the first time, Brose China was named “Top Employers China 2017” for its exceptional employee offering, from secondary benefits and working conditions, to performance-management programs, etc. The prestigious award signifies high recognition of the company’s efforts in local talent development.