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Performance orientation

As an international, family-owned company, we act according to the principle of performance and responsibility. We expect high employee engagement and offer an impressive benefits package and a motivating working environment.

Brose Arbeiten bei Brose
Brose Arbeiten bei Brose

Shared Value

In accordance with our goal to deliver in every respect a first-class performance, the shareholders, advisory board and executive management board of our corporate group have approved the following company principles based on the term „FIRST“.


Our owners place the company’s interest ahead of their own. Thus, we will grow in a profitable and self-financed way, and maintain our family-owned company’s independence.


We set standards with innovative mechatronic systems and components, securing a leading market position with the best price-performance ratio.


Our employees, especially our managers, are role models. Aware of our social obligation, we act fairly towards employees on all levels and at all locations.


We deliver top performance to our customers. Therefore, we set the highest quality standards for ourselves and partners.


Our shareholders, board members and employees collaborate based on trust, take clear and fast decisions, and assume responsibility for their actions.

Best in class

Brose welcomes you, if you have a passion in mechatronics innovation, drive for steady professional and personal development. We expect employees execute highest quality standards and top performance, achieve customer satisfaction. Our employees show respect, loyalty, integrity, effective collaboration and reliability in their daily job.

Brose Laufbahnen Fachkraft Karrierestufen 2014

International mindset

Brose employees work in 23 countries worldwide. Every workday is international due to cross-border and cross-language communication between locations and project teams. Many employees in development, production and administration today constantly work in a global network - within the Brose Group and with customers, partners and suppliers. More and more employees go to foreign locations to work for a certain period of time.

Arbeiten bei Brose - Auslandsentsendung

One desk around the world

Brose development and administration employees require a functional workplace for their dynamic daily project business – whether in Detroit, Shanghai or Coburg. With access to all data via our globally networked communications system. Consistent desk sharing throughout the Brose Group reduces office space, IT and premises-related expenditure . Above all, however, this practice boosts our international, interdisciplinary project teams’ performance and efficiency.

Brose Arbeiten bei Brose Flexibles Buero 2014

Working hours with freedom and flexibility

Instead of tracking working hours for pay purposes, supervisors and employees work together to create personalized schedules. This gives our employees in development and administration the necessary leeway to complete their tasks, encouraging efficient teamwork on international projects spanning multiple time zones. Moreover, as a family-owned company, we feel it is important to be able to balance work and family life. Flexible working hours give you the freedom you need for a fulfilling personal life. After all, satisfaction is a key motivator at work.

Brose Arbeiten bei Brose Arbeitszeiten 2014

Employee caring

Embracing the values and responsibilities of a family –owned business, Brose is committed to providing attractive benefits, beyond that we also offer a range of additional amenities that make working at Brose even more appealing. Our family-oriented business philosophy is unmistakable. We take responsibility for our employees’ welfare.

Fit and healthy

To promote a healthy life-style, we offer varieties of employees activities to employee, such as sports, company outing, annual dinner. Moreover, in some locations company gym is also a choice for the employee to enjoy sports.

Brose China - Career, Employee FIRST

Catering service

Balanced, healthy and delicious

Nutritious and healthy: Brose is committed to offering a varied selection of dishes made with fresh ingredients and prepared carefully in order to seal in all of the nutrients. Opening hours are adapted to our variable working time and shift schedules.

Brose Arbeiten bei Brose Kantine 2014

International relocations

Working abroad made easy

Our expatriate management for temporary assignments and expatriate assignments offers employees and their families intercultural training and language courses. Moreover, “look and see” trips to the region provide an initial impression. Preliminary service includes contract amendments, organizing visas, work permits and other paperwork, reimbursement for moving costs and much more. Our HR employees remain in close contact with expatriates during their stay abroad and prepare their smooth reintegration including job planning well in advance of their return. We also support national relocation.

Brose Arbeiten bei Brose Internationale Ortswechsel 2014

National relocations

Everything you need to feel right at home

We also help employees relocate when their next career move is just a road trip away for example, by coordinating the move or finding the right apartment or school for the kids. We are also happy to acquaint you with local cultural and leisure events and activities. It is important to us that Brose employees and their families feel at home in their new place of residence as quickly as possible.

Arbeiten bei Brose - Zusatzleistungen

Brose Shop

Premium quality sports and leisure apparel

Visit the Brose Shop for contemporary sports and leisure fashion. Outdoor jackets, track suits, shirts, athletic shoes: we accept nothing less than the best when it comes to the quality of the materials used, design, comfort, selection and functionality. The impressive collection was designed by brand name manufacturers especially for Brose and includes a wide range of accessories, all of which are available at an attractive price in the Brose Shop.

Brose Arbeiten bei Brose Brose Shop 2014

Brose – an excellent employer

Brose is an innovative employer. The progressive personnel concepts at our family-owned company have received many awards and regularly rank highly in external employer surveys:

The Top Employers 2019

The exclusive Top Employers certification demonstrates that an organization is a trusted employer of choice. Being certified provides companies with the opportunity to celebrate this achievement and to reinforce the crucial role of their people and of HR in their business.

Brose China Career Excellence Employer 2016

Employer Excellence Awards 2016

The “Employer Excellence Awards” is the most prestigious event focused on the evaluation of human resource management in China today, sponsored by 51job,Inc. As one of the most comprehensive, in-depth and far-reaching awards in the field of human resources, the award is being presented to the companies in China whose human resources practices have made a significant contribution to their corporate development, and served as models for other companies, which in turn will ultimately strengthen corporate competitiveness.

Randstand Award 2016

Randstad Award 2016

For the third time in a row, Brose has improved its ranking in the employer branding survey conducted by human resource consulting firm Randstad, placing 2nd in the automotive suppliers category (2015: 3rd place). 7,100 employees and job-seekers from different educational backgrounds, functions and hierarchy levels were asked which of the 150 largest German employers they found the most attractive.


Trendence Graduate Barometer 2016

Brose ranked 49th (79th last year) among the Top 100 companies in the Trendence Graduate Barometer in the “engineers” category – the company’s best placing to date. Brose also ranked well among economists, coming in at 95th (96th).

Universum Studentsurvey 2016

Universum Survey 2016

Brose placed 79th in the Top 100 employers ranking in a survey of roughly 6,000 engineering students, and also made it into the Top 100 employers for the first time in the IT ranking, taking 94th place. In the student ranking, the nearly 9,500 engineers surveyed ranked Brose the same as last year – 82nd among the 100 most attractive employers in Germany.


European Graduate Barometer 2014

The pan-European Trendence Graduate Barometers 2014 named Brose one of the most attractive “employer brands” in Europe among engineers and IT specialists, ranking it 253rd in the Top 500 – twelve places higher than last year; Brose even jumped 62 places to 292nd among economics students.


The most family-friendly company in Germany 2012

The mechatronics specialist was awarded the innovation prize in the corporate competition “Success factor family“ for its exemplary concepts and measures for reconciling work and family life.



After a successful re-audit, berufundfamilie gGmbH named Brose a “family-friendly company” in recognition of its progressive HR policies aimed at balancing family and work life as well as for the company’s exemplary fringe benefits.


Career’s Best Recruiters Study 2014

The family-owned company ranked second in its industrial sector and 13th overall (previous year: 18th) among the Top 500 employers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Praktikantenspiegel 2015

According to “Praktikantenspiegel 2015”, a national survey of 7,500 interns, Brose is a “Star Company” with attractive employer qualities and an appealing brand image.