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Active leaders with character

As a member of the Brose managerial staff, you want to help shape the future of our company – and you are imaginative, results-focused, pragmatic and decisive. You have a commanding presence on the international stage and are very good at getting your employees excited about their work and our company’s goals.

Brose Karriere: Fuehrungskraefte
Brose Karriere: Fuehrungskraefte


Leadership means leading the way

As a Brose manager, we expect you to be an entrepreneurial thinker driven by action and results yet with strong people skills. You value the trust our owners place in your act responsibly on behalf pf the company - as if Brose were your own business. You follow our performance principle and are committed to hard work, leadership and lifelong learning. You are aware of the example you set for others. You lead and encourage your employees. You are willing to make decisions and accept responsibility. And in doing so, you follow our common leadership concept worldwide.

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International experience

Understanding markets, steering growth

International experience is the key to accepting leadership responsibility in a globally operating company like Brose. To develop and implement strategies that will have a global impact and to make far-reaching decisions, it is important for you to have a personal knowledge of international markets, foreign cultures and regional customers. This is why you either possess this knowledge already when you begin working as a new manager at Brose. Or you build up and expand your international expertise as part of a stay abroad at one of our worldwide locations.

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Leadership career path

Your stepping stone to a career in management

Our three-level leadership career path builds on a comprehensive qualification program. It systematically prepares promising employees for embarking upon the management career path or their promotion to the next highest career path level. It is also possible to switch to one of our other career paths later on.

Family-owned company

Stability and a long-term perspective

Naturally, we offer our managers the full package of modern social and additional benefits one would expect from a cutting-edge, international corporation. But Brose as a globally active family-owned company offers even more added value giving managers plenty of latitude to organize their work as they see fit and plan with long-term welfare of the company in mind. This includes financial independence, highly efficient organizational structures and consistent development programs for supervisors based on our solid business strategy, is driven by sound, self-financed growth.